Bünyamin Önal

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Bunyamin Onal, photographer Kreetta JärvenpääAssistant Professor of Finance

Room: G-206 (Chydenia 2nd floor)
Office hours: Fridays 15:00 - 16:00

Tel: +358 050 410 5011
Email: bunyamin.onal [at] aalto [dot] fi




"Incentive Contracting When Boards Have Related Industry Expertise", 2016, Journal of Corporate Finance, 41, 1-22 (Lead Article). With Vikram Nanda.

Board expertise: Do directors from related industries help bridge the information gap?, 2014, Review of Financial Studies 27 (5), 1533-1592. With Nishant Dass, Omesh Kini, Vikram Nanda, and Jun Wang.

"Stock-based CEO Compensation Following Conglomerate Acquisitions", working paper

“The influence of directors from related industries in shaping firm policies”, working paper. With Nishant Dass, Omesh Kini, and Vikram Nanda.



Bachelor’s Thesis Seminar

Corporate Finance, lectures & exercises

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