Sean Seunghun Shin

Sean ShinAssistant Professor of Finance

Room: G-210 (Chydenia 2nd floor)
Office hours: By appointment

Tel: +358 50 304 3004
Email: sean.shin [at] aalto [dot] fi (






Working papers:

"Search Frictions and Flight from Liquidity in OTC Markets"

"Is There Flow-Driven Price Impact in Corporate Bond Markets?" (with Jaewon Choi)

"Dealer Liquidity Provision and the Breakdown of the Law of One Price: Evidence from the CDS-Bond Basis" (with Jaewon Choi and Or Shachar)

"Does Product Market Competition Affect Corporate Governance? Evidence from Corporate Takeovers" (with Frederick Dongchuhl Oh)

"Blockholder Governance in Bad Times" (with Joon Ho Hwang)



Quantitative Finance

Bachelor's Thesis Seminar




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