Licentiate's theses

Licentiate's theses in finance from Aalto University School of Business (formerly HSE)

Knüpfer, Samuli, 2006, Transfer Motives, Taxes, and Efficiency in Gift Giving: Evidence from Stock Gifts.

Kasanen, Juha, 1999, Ilmoitusvelvollisten osakeomistus ja - kaupat Helsingin Pörssissä.

Hakkarainen, Antti, 1997, Stock Investing with Business - Conditions Information: Evidence from Finland.

Ihamuotila, Timo, 1997, Interest Rate Risk Management of a Financial Institution in a Multicurrency Environment.

Niskanen, Mervi, 1996, Corporate Borrowing Costs and the Benefits of Lending Relationships when Banks Holds Equity Claims in the Borrowing Firms.

Taurén, Miikka, 1996, A Model of Corporate Bond Prices.

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