Master's theses 2001

Alanen, Jukka, 2001, Is High Technology M & A Different? An Empirical Study of Shareholder Gains and Acquisition Behaviour in US Technology M & A Transactions.

Anttila, Janne, 2001, Sijoitusehdotusten arviointiprosessi ja sijoituskriteerit suomalaisten pääomasijoittajien keskuudessa.

Arojärvi, Olli, 2001, How to Value Biotechnology Firms: A Study of Current Approaches And Key Value Drivers.

Gunn, Jari, 2001, Effect of Investor Interest on Trading Volume and Price Development in Finnish IPOs.

Hanninen, Tiina, 2001, A Comparison of Dividend, Free Cash Flow and Abnormal Earnings Models to Equity Valuation. Empirical Evidence from the Finnish Stock Market.

Hara, Ilkka, 2001, An Empirical Analysis of Internet Discussion.

Hyyryläinen, Taru, 2001, Underpricing of Internet IPOs: An Empirical Analysis.

Kallio, Hanna, 2001, Determinants of Going Public - an Analysis of Finnish Initial Public Offerings.

Kinnunen, Miikka, 2001, IPO Share Lock-Ups: Finnish Evidence.

Kärjä, Aki, 2001, Valuation Relevance of Analyst's Perception - Price vs. Return.

Laine, Markus, 2001, What Drives the IPO Exit Rate of Venture Capital Funds? Evidence from Liquidated U.S. Funds.

Linnainmaa, Juhani, 2001, Broker Performance Evidence from the Helsinki Exchanges.

Mikkola, Mika, 2001, Voting Premium in Finnish Public Companies During 1982-1998.

Mäkelä, Markus, 2001, The Effect of Location and Culture on Venture Capital Investments.

Oksanen, Samppa, 2001, Pre-Acquisition Financial Characteristics of Target Companies: Empirical Evidence from the Finnish M&A Market.

Pajari, Matti, 2001, A Dynamic Approach to Modeling Interest Rate Swap Spreads: Evidence from U.S. and German Markets in 1994-2001.

Pentinmikko, Tutta, 2001, Accuracy and Bias of Analysts' Consensus Earnings Forecasts: Finnish Evidence.

Pirinen, Antti, 2001, Pricing and Hedging American Options - a Comparison of Methods.

Rajala, Tommi, 2001, Earnings Management by Acquiring Companies and Operating Performance of Stock Mergers: International Evidence.

Ranta, Antti, 2001, The Expected Equity Risk Premium in Finland and in Selected International Stock Markets.

Rissanen, Taavi, 2001, Arvopaperikaupan selvitystoiminnan perusperiaatteet, riskit ja toteutus Suomessa ja sen vertailu selvitystoimintaan kehittyvillä markkinoilla Latviassa.

Saares, Susanna, 2001, Value Creation to Acquirers in Conglomerate Acquisitions: An Empirical Study on French and British Acquisitions From 1995-2000.

Saarto, Niina, 2001, VaR - Estimating Extreme Losses With Historical Simulation and Extreme Value Approach.

Sailas, Ville, 2001, Do the Mutual Fund Star Ratings Predict Future Performance?

Savolainen, Matias, 2001, Does the Basket Matter? Comparison of the Basket Option Pricing Models.

Synkkänen, Jari, 2001, Earnings Management and the Performance of Seasoned Equity Offerings: Worldwide Evidence.

Tolmunen, Pasi, 2001, Cross-Listings and M&A Activity: Transatlantic Evidence.

Tukia, Jukka, 2001, Entrenchment of the Board of Directors: Finnish Evidence.

Tähtinen, Tommi, 2001, Cointegration of the Technology Stock Markets.

Vannas, Lauri, 2001, Tender Offer and Going Private Likelihood. Evidence From Finland and Sweden 1995-2000.

von und zu Fraunberg, Mikael, 2001, Risk Analysis and Management of Securization of Mortage Loans in Finland: Case Fennica No. 5. p.l.c.

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