Master's theses 2003

Alatalo, Henri, 2003, Sources of Financing, Balance Sheet Structures and Cash Tender Offer Premiums: Evidence from US Cash Tender Offers Between 1992 and 2001.

Arminen, Päivi, 2003, The Comparison of Corporate Credit Spread. Evidence from the European High Yield Market 1998-2002.

Barskin, Katarina, 2003, Real Option Analysis in the Valuation of Innovative R&D Projects.

Gylling, Christian, 2003, The Bootstrap Game. The impact of acquirer and target P/E ratio -relatives on acquirer abnormal returns.

Haahtela, Tero, 2003, Real Options in Modelling of Telecommunications Project Uncertainties for Original Design Manufacturer.

Haapasaari, Teemu, 2003, Venture Capital Screening: Decision-making and the Role of Placement Agents.

Haljala, Marjaana, 2003, A Comparative Study of Electricity Market Deregulation in California and Finland.

Hanni, Jussi, 2003, The Effect of Profit-Warning Announcements on Stock Prices.

Hartikainen, Outi, 2003, Influence of Ethical Ideology and Demographic Factors on Individual's Moral Judgements: Empirical study on financial industry.

Hautamäki, Miikka, 2003, The Method of Payment in Corporate Acquisitions, Acquirer Valuation, and the Role of Financial Advisors. Evidence from Global Tender Offers 1992-2001.

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Kangasniemi, Olli, 2003, Methods of Payment, Investment Opportunities Risk-sharing and Bidder Returns in Corporate Acquisitions.

Karlqvist, Antti, 2003, The Quality Delivery Option in Government Bond Futures Contracts. Empirical evidence from German market.

Karppinen, Kalle, 2003, Macroeconomic Factors in the Finnish Stock Market. Application of the Arbitrage Pricing Theory.

Keskitalo, Katja, 2003, Stock Market Reaction to Corporate Spin-Off Announcements and Spin-Off Likelihood: Evidence from Europe 1992-2002.

Koivula, Jani, 2003, Finnish Equity Linked Notes. Profitability of Issuance in 1997-2001.

Kolkka, Antti, 2003, Drivers of Market Liquidity and Trading Activity on Helsinki Stock Exchange.

Korhonen, Timo, 2003, House Money Effect and Overconfidence. Evidence on active individual day traders.

Korpela, Mari, 2003, Cross-Sectional Analysis of Finnish Mutual Fund Expenses.

Koskinen, Manu, 2003, Value at Risk with the Extreme Value Approach: An Empirical Analysis of Euro Stoxx 50 Index.

Lankinen, Mikko, 2003, The Effect of Partnership and Negotiation Power on the Supplier's Operations, Profitability and Valuation.

Lappalainen, Pauliina, 2003, A Self-Organizing Map Study on M&A Performance in the U.S. 1984-2002.

Långström, Mika, 2003, On Mutual Fund Performance Measurement: Consistency, style and market timing.

Malo, Pekka, 2003, Efficiency in the Nordic Power Markets: Study of Unbiased Futures Prices, Risk Premia, and Hedging.

Maula, Mikko, 2003, Financial Instrument Development. Market Share, Price and Patenting Advantages in the Development of Exchange Traded Funds.

Melamies, Markus, 2003, Weak-Form Efficiency on the Russian Trading System.

Moilanen, Mikko, 2003, Effectiveness of Portfolio Performance Measures in Revealing Abnormal Returns. Empirical Evidence from Actual Stock Portfolios.

Mäkelä, Marika, 2003, Determination of the Fair Price in Finnish Takeovers. Case TeliaSonera.

Nokkanen, Jani, 2003, Hedge Fund Performance Persistence.

Nurkkala, Antti, 2003, Hedging Government Bonds with Futures Contracts: A comparison of hedge ratio estimation methods.

Nyrölä, Jussi, 2003, Does Strategic Fit Matter? A Study of Converging and Horizontal M&A in the Telecommunications, Media and Information Technology Sector.

Paronen, Jussi, 2003, Modeling the Asset Price Dynamics. Comparison of Option-Pricing Models Using Eurex Data.

Peltola, Riika, 2003, Momentum Investing in Finland: Performance of Strategies and Sources of Profits.

Pietarinen, Lauri, 2003, Bootstrap Resampling, Subsampling and the Optimality of Dollar-Cost Averaging.

Pollari, Juhana, 2003, Interest Rate Risk Management and Benchmarking of Net Debt. Case SOK.

Puolanne, Juuso, 2003, Growth Characteristics Within Value Strategies. Empirical evidence from the U.K..

Rantapuska, Elias, 2003, The effect of exchange rate volatility on trade: New evidence on the hedging hypothesis and relative uncertainty aversion.

Reinius, Joakim, 2003, IPO Lockup Expirations: More Evidence on Venture Capitalists' Involvement.

Riihiranta, Tomi, 2003, Market Reactions and Characteristics of Finnish Corporate Layoff Announcements.

Ruotsalainen, Jani, 2003, Ownership concentration, dividend policy and agency problems between the shareholders in Finland.

Rytkönen, Katri, 2003, Investors' Trading Horizon and Pattern of Return Autocorrelations. Empirical Test of the Gradual Information Diffusion Model in the UK Stock Market.

Rämänen, Ilkka, 2003, Board Structure and Turnover in Finland - Owners Are Not Alike.

Sallinen, Petri, 2003, The Stock Option Right Market in Finland and the Effect of the Option Right Listing on the Underlying Stock.

Savijoki, Heikki, 2003, Pricing of Credit Default Swaps - Evidence from the Scandinavian and Finnish Markets.

Sederholm, Henri, 2003, The Pricing of Convertible Debt Offerings in Westerns Europe 1998-2001.

Seikkula, Teemu, 2003, CEO Turnover in Finland: Evidence of Frequency and Determinants.

Seppänen, Jani, 2003, Venture Capital Fundraising. Cases and Determinants of Fund Size.

Sistonen, Mikko, 2003, Long-Term Post-Acquisition Performance of Acquiring Firms: Value- vs. Growth Decision.

Söderblom, Pia, 2003, Option Pricing Under Stochastic Volatility - a Test of Pricing Performance in the Euro Stoxx 50SM Option Market.

Tahvanainen, Sami, 2003, The Benefits from Diversification for Finnish Investors. A comparison of country and sector approaches on the euro area stock markets, 1997-2000.

Tolvanen, Matreetta, 2003, Shareholder Wealth Effects of Staff Reduction Announcements and Determinants of Abnormal Returns. Evidence on French Data from Years 1996-2001.

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Walther, Tommi, 2003, Corporate Diversification Around the World - Determinants and trends.

Vuorenvirta, Christian, 2003, Using the Sharpe-Ratio as a Trading Rule.

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