Master's theses 2004

Aatola, Petteri, 2004, Takeover Defenses in Preventing the Completion of Hostile Takeover Bids: Evidence from the U.S. and Europe 1984-2003.

Ala-Hallila, Timo, 2004, Knights or Fools? An Analysis of White Knight Takeover Motives and Abnormal Returns.

Alestalo, Noora, 2004, Asset Allocation in Pension Funds.

Beck, Mikael, 2004, Rational and Semi-Rational Herding in Financial Markets: Case of Finnish Mutual Fund Managers.

Einiö, Mikko, 2004, The Disposition Effect: Evidence from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Apartment Market.

Galkin, Mika, 2004, Henkilökohtaisen taloussuunnittelun nykytila ja kehitysnäkymät.

Herlevi, Kari , 2004, The Expectation Game of Finnish ICT and Biotechnology Firms. Systematic factors behind high technology company growth estimations.

Holkko, Janne, 2004, Stock Market Valuations and Method of Payment in Mergers and Acquisitions: Global Evidence from 1998-2003.

Hytönen, Perttu, 2004, Electricity Price Dynamics in the Nordic Power Exchange. Implications for Power Price Modeling and Option Pricing.

Hyytinen, Päivi, 2004, Overview and Risk Analysis of Collateral Usage in OTC Derivatives Markets.

Itkonen, Lasse, 2004, The Short-Term Return Continuations and Reversals. Contributions of the autocorrelation, the contrarian and the momentum anomalies in the Finnish stock market.

Juokslahti, Jenni, 2004, Persistence and Predictability in Hedge Fund Performance.

Järvinen, Petteri, 2004, Closing Price Manipulation at the Helsinki Exchanges – the effect of the evening trading.

Kallio, Juhana, 2004, Determinants of Corporate Takeover Success and Prediction Power of Target’s Share Price: Tender Offers in Europe 1991-2002.

Karhunen, Sampsa, 2004, Finnish Paintings as an Investment.

Kekkonen, Kalle, 2004, An Agency Perspective on Management Buyouts. Evidence from the Finnish Markets from 1986 to 1999.

Koivisto, Petri, 2004, Financial Position Driven Management of Financial Statements. Evidence from Finnish small limited companies.

Komssi, Vesa, 2004, Does Location Matter? Evidence on Analyst Recommendations in Europe.

Kroon, David, 2004, Price Premiums on Higher Voting Shares: an empirical study on Swedish dual-listed companies 1997-2002.

Kull, Kristjan, 2004, The Risk in Higher Order Moments. If significant, can it be used in portfolio selection?

Listola, Sami, 2004, Holiday Effect in the Finnish Stock Market. Evidence and Tests of Plausible Hypotheses.

Lohi, Veikko, 2004, IPO Valuation Using Comparable Company Multiple Analysis.

Lundell, Ismo, 2004, Myynninohjaus-järjestelmiin integroitujen sähköisten rahoituspalveluiden rooli Suomen autokaupassa.

Mustonen, Minttu, 2004, Liquidity and Shareholder Wealth Effects following Stock Splits. Results on data for Helsinki Exchange.

Nero, Pilvikki, 2004, Liquidity Effects of Seasoned Equity Offerings in Finland 1991-1999.

Nurminen, Jaakko, 2004, CEO Compensation in Finland: Performance-Pay and Determinants.

Rasi, Lauri, 2004, Financial Distress Prediction Using Finnish Data 1997-2001.

Rejman, Kim, 2004, Why Corporations Carve Out or Spin Off? Motivation and Market Response to the Announcements with Global Evidence 1994-2003.

Rinta, Karri, 2004, Caveat Emptor. Mergers and acquisitions analysis in the telecommunications operator industry.

Saari, Aleksi , 2004, Extracting information from option market prices. Implied risk-neutral and subjective distributions, risk aversion and stochastic processes.

Somersalmi, Jaakko, 2004, Returns-Earnings Relation in Finland 1990-2002: Cross-Sectional Differences in Price Anticipation of Earnings.

Suuronen, Anssi, 2004, The Ex-Dividend Day Behaviour of Finnish Stocks During 1998-2001.

Tonteri, Pekko, 2004, Matching in the Market for M&A Advisory Services.

Tuokkola, Miikka, 2004, Performance of Ethical Funds in the Finnish Market.

Tuomisaari, Sami, 2004, Testing Weak Form Market Efficiency with Technical Analysis.

Uljaa, Jussi, 2004, The Performance of Actively Managed Corporate Bond Funds in Finland.

Utriainen, Jussi, 2004, Intraday Return and Volatility Patterns in the Finnish Stock Market.

Vaintola, Veera, 2004, Market Timing and the Method of Payment in Acquisitions. Analysis of acquirer and target valuations prior to cash and equity transactions.

Venäläinen, Jouni, 2004, Price Forecasts for Capital Budgeting. A study on the accuracy of paper and pulp price forecasts.

Virtanen, Toni, 2004, Volatility Effect on Employment Option Pricing. Comparison between Black-Scholes and market value.

Vähäkuopus, Eeva, 2004, Fraud Risk Management in Nordic Companies.

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