Master's theses 2005

Alho, Eeva, 2005, Uninformed Myopic Speculation of Retail Investors.

Anhava, Ilkka, 2005, Return-Based Style Analysis – An Application to European Equity Funds.

Assilbekova, Zhamilya, 2005, Market Performance of the European Insurance Mergers.

Dudkin, Gerti, 2005, Transaction Costs in Public-Private Partnerships.

Grönlund, Tomi, 2005, Corporate Real Estate Sale and Leaseback Effect: New Evidence form Western Europe.

Hakola, Kari-Pekka, 2005, Optimization as Commodity Forward Curve Construction Method.

Heikkilä, Jarkko, 2005, Foreign Investors’ Behaviour, Impact and Performance on the Finnish Stock Market. Empirical Evidence from 1996-2003.

Heinonen, Atte, 2005, The Time Perspective and the Role of Industry Concentration in Value versus Growth Stock Phenomenon.

Helander, Kati, 2005, Properties of Analysts’ Earnings Estimates and Their Effect on Future Stock Returns.

Hellsten, Päivi, 2005, The Demographic Profile of Finnish Socially Responsible Mutual Fund Investors.

Hyvönen, Teemu, 2005, How Finnish Pension Institutions Use Derivatives?

Härme, Juho, 2005, Revenue Potential of Consumer Services: Case of the Mobile Operator Industry.

Jäntti, Tuomas, 2005, Mitkä tekijät vaikuttavat suomalaisten sijoitusrahastojen valintaan? Nykyiset sijoittajat ja potentiaaliset sijoittajat; case Tapiola-ryhmä.

Järvinen, Ira, 2005, Capital Market Integration in the Czech Republic and Poland: Progress towards the EU Membership.

Kantanen, Heikki, 2005, Forecast Efficiency of Executive Stock Options’ Implied Volatility.

Katajamäki, Mikael, 2005, Pricing Executive Stock Options in Finland 2000-2002. The Effect of Direct and Indirect Costs.

Kenkkilä, Juuso, 2005, Voluntary Corporate Disclosure’s Relation to Market Variables and Analyst Following: An empirical study on the Finnish markets.

Kivirinta, Heikki, 2005, Commodities in Diversified Portfolios. A European Perspective.

Knuutila, Mikko, 2005, The Effect of Morningstar Ratings on Finnish Mutual Fund Flows.

Koivulehto, Leo, 2005, Takeovers of Private Firms, Acquisition Characteristics, and Shareholder Returns.

Kokkonen, Joni, 2005, On Extreme Dependence and the Markov-Switching Behavior of International Equity Returns. A Study on Financial Contagion.

Koskinen, Vesa, 2005, Who Can Afford to Pay More? A Comparison of target shareholder returns in LBOs and strategic buyer backed transactions in Europe.

Kurki-Suonio, Seppo, 2005, Long-Term Abnormal Returns Following Privatization Initial Public Offerings. A political economy perspective.

Lahtinen, Antti, 2005, Creating Shareholder Value by Efficient Use of Capital. Case Okmetic Oyj.

Lehtinen, Tomas, 2005, Managing Working Capital. Applying a global policy to a local subsidiary.

Li, Lifei, 2005, Signaling or Optimal Trading Range? On the Increased Popularity of Reverse Splits at the Turn of the Millenium.

Mokkila, Niko, 2005, Commodity Value-at-Risk.

Niemenmaa, Mikko, 2005, Do Really Bad Companies Perform Really Badly?

Pasanen, Timo, 2005, Real Estate as a Portfolio Diversifier: Evidence from Finland.

Pennanen, Jani, 2005, Does Venture Financing Affect the Innovation Process? Evidence from US 1980-1995.

Poutanen, Hanna, 2005, Trade Credit Supply and Demand of Small Manufacturing Firms and the Existence of Trade Credit Channel. Evidence from Finland 1991-2001.

Prisenko, Julia, 2005, Determinants of the Rate of Industry Restructuring.

Pylväinen, Henri, 2005, Venture Capital Financing in Practice.

Qiao, Lina, 2005, On Testing te Market Efficiency of the Chinese Stock Market.

Raivio, Katariina, 2005, The Equity Investments of Finnish Pension Insurance Institutions and Idiosyncratic Volatility. An empirical study.

Rajuvaara, Juha, 2005, Family Matters. Family owners’ risk aversion and capital structure choices.

Rantanen, Heidi, 2005, Do European Commission’s Merger Control Decisions Discriminate Against Small Member States?

Rasku, Jukka, 2005, The Effect of Disclosure Performance on Market Valuation of Banks.

Salmelin, Jaakko, 2005, Corporate Governance in the Baltic States. Firm level effects and key problems.

Seikkala, Susanna, 2005, The Optimal Portfolio Selection of Euro-Denominated Investment Grade Corporate Bonds. Evidence from European Corporate Bond Market 1999-2003.

Seppä, Tatu, 2005, Comparison of Historical and Garch Volatility Models in Value-at-Risk Estimation.

Surakka, Juha, 2005, Liukuvat keskiarvot ja markkina-ajoitus Euroopan, Pohjois-Amerikan ja Aasia-Tyynenmeren alueen osakemarkkinoilla.

Toivanen, Ismo, 2005, The Effect of Higher Moments on Mutual Fund Performance Evaluation and Risk Measurement.

Toivonen, Ville, 2005, Suomalaisten pörssiyhtiöiden yhtiökokouskäytäntö.

Tolvi, Jarkko, 2005, The Effect of Finnish and US holidays on Helsinki Stock Exchanges.

Varpula, Ville, 2005, Option Expiration Day Effects. Evidence from Nokia.

Venäläinen, Jari, 2005, Determinants of Leasing Decision; International Evidence.

Venäläinen, Markus, 2005, Technical Trading Rules and an Application of Relative Strength Index as Trend Indicator.

Verkasalo, Hannu, 2005, Too Young to be Patient? Aid and support of venture capitalists in timing initial public offerings.

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