Master's theses 2006

Asikainen, Markus, 2006, Modeling prices in the Nordic electricity markets: Regime-switching model.

Brusila, Anne, 2006, Mutual fund mergers in Finland.

Cherkasov, Roman, 2006, Russian mutual funds: analysis of performance, market timing skills and persistence in performance.

Deighton, Eric, 2006, Patterns in the performance of successive acquisitions: Evidence from individual CEO acquisition track records.

Elonen, Henrik, 2006, How to profit from China? China exposure of Finnish listed companies.

Eteläaho, Jaakko, 2006, Market timing and pecking order of capital structure choices: evidence from Nordic seasoned equity offerings (1995-2003).

Etelämäki, Raul, 2006, Profitability of merger arbitrage in Europe and the effects of cross-border transactions.

Heiskanen, Ville, 2006, Cost and likelihood of corporate fraud.

Jäppinen, Ilkka, 2006, How persistent is capital structure? Evidence from market timing of UK IPOs.

Kallunki, Tuomas, 2006, Stochastic volatility, jumps & value-at-risk.

Kinnunen, Juho, 2006, Does moving downstream create value? Three cases from the global steel industry.

Laine, Stiina, 2006, Overconfidence in an investment game. Empirical results from an investment game played in small groups.

Laitinmäki, Panu, 2006, Intraday and weekly patterns in bid-ask spreads. Evidence from the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Laukkanen, Heidi, 2006, Stock return expectations of Finnish investment advisors: The effect of advisor and stock characteristics.

Laukkanen, Umay, 2006, The importance of industry and country factors in explaining stock returns: Evidence from EMU and emerging markets.

Lehtinen, Tero, 2006, The impact of law and national culture on mergers and acquisitions: Global evidence 1998-2004.

Lehto, Jaakko, 2006, Protectionism in European merger and acquisition.

Lehtonen, Elina, 2006, What drives the choice of ADR type? An analysis of all worldwide ADR listings between 1991 and 2005.

Leusko, Marina, 2006, Valuing employee stock option expense. The empirical analysis of pricing models.

Liukkonen, Maksim, 2006, Analysis of factors affecting risk and market capitalization of corporations traded on Russian Stock Exchange.

Martikainen, Toni, 2006, Measuring porfolio credit and country risk. Case: Emerging market factory.

Marttila, Lauri, 2006, Event risk, stockholder - Bondholder conflict and shortcomings in Eurobond bondholders' covenant protection.

Massinen, Ukko, 2006, Cointegration of European housing prices during 1994-2005 and the European Economic and Monetary Union's influence on integration.

Mustonen, Laura, 2006, Finnish retail emerging market mutual fund investors: characteristics, investment behavior and expectations.

Myllyrinne, Misa, 2006, The use of termination provisions in merger agreements. (U.S. Evidence 1995-2003).

Niemeläinen, Eelis, 2006, Bookbuilding and strategic allocation in debt issues.

Ojanperä, Terhi, 2006, Wealth creation to acquirers' shareholders U.S. vs. UK vs. Japan.

Pätiälä, Reetta, 2006, Cross-border cash pooling. Case: Outokumpu Group.

Peltola, Tomi, 2006, Risk-return patterns in merger arbitrage.

Petersen, Tommy, 2006, Investments of Finnish foundations.

Piirainen, Mervi, 2006, Institutional herding in the Finnish mutual market. Evidence from years 1999-2003.

Piirsoo, Mihkel, 2006, Determinants of corporate cash holdings and firm value: OMX HEX evidence 2000-2004.

Podolieva, Kateryna, 2006, Value drivers of real options: An empirical study of oil and gas upstream business.

Pohjola, Antti, 2006, Performance persistence and flow determinants of fixed income mutual funds. Evidence from Finland.

Poukka, Ville, 2006, Business forecasting in telecommunications. A Finnish operator perspective.

Purhonen, Lauri, 2006, Issuing convertible bonds - motives anf outcomes.

Ratilainen, Tuomas, 2006, The impact external corporate governance on performance - evidence from the Nordic countries.

Rinne, Kalle, 2006, Dispersion in financial analysts' earnings forecasts and seasoned equity offerings. Analysis of the announcement effect, the long-run performance and the choice of issuance method.

Särkkä, Ari, 2006, Effects associated with index redefinitions. Evidence from European Blue-Chip Indices in 1984-2005.

Sarvikivi, Janne, 2006, Case studies in institutional equity allocation in Finland and the Baltic countries.

Väisänen, Sirpa, 2006, Market reaction to public information. Evidence from listed football clubs.

Varmola, Silja, 2006, European equity carve-outs - good or evil?

Virtanen, Jarno, 2006, M&A target's abnormal stock returns associated with the announcements of successful and failed transactions.

Wickström, Henrik, 2006, Credit default swaps: An empirical analysis of the dynamic relationship of the credit default swaps and stock markets.

Wikstedt, Pekka, 2006, Bond liquidity and its impact on yields: An empirical study of European government bonds in 2004.

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