Master's theses 2007

Belt, Antti, 2007, Nonlinearity in asset pricing: A comparison between linear regression and artificial neural networks using single- and multifactor approaches.

Ekman, Veli-Matti, 2007, Takeover motives and shareholder returns in acquisitions of financially distressed firms.

Erkkilä, Marko, 2007, Finnish corporate insiders: Composition and investor behaviour.

Eskelinen, Kaisa, 2007, Hedge funds. Portfolio optimization from a risk-averse perspective.

Harlas, Jaakko, 2007, Do acquirers share advisors? Information spillovers and the choice of advisor in M&A.

Havu, Jussi, 2007, The impact of leveraged buyouts on operating performance, capital expenditure and employment levels of acquired firms. Evidence from Finland 1996-2005.

Heiskala, Matti, 2007, Determinants of public-to-private LBO activity before and after Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Holopainen, Ville, 2007, Ethical attitudes of finance students.

Hyttinen, Pasi, 2007, Idiosyncratic volatility, market volatility, and expected stock market returns in Europe.

Järvinen, Janne, 2007, Valuation and performance of investment grade wines.

Järvinen, Kim, 2007, Monetary policy transmission to equity markets. Evidence from Finnish markets.

Kari, Antti, 2007, Valuation level differences between financial and strategic buyouts.

Keränen, Antti, 2007, Shareholders' activism and influence on corporate governance in listed companies. A questionnaire study of domestic institutional and private investors' behaviour in Finland.

Kettunen, Aki, 2007, Liquidity and the relation of liquidity and returns around the world.

Lampi, Lauri, 2007, Private equity secondary sales.

Lehtoranta, Antti, 2007, Too many bookrunners spoil the broth? The number of bookrunners in IPO syndicates.

Lukka, Paul, 2007, Convertible arbitrage: Assessing the sources of risk and return.

Lähdesmäki, Santeri, 2007, Structuring management incentive schemes in private equity portfolio companies.

Lyytinen, Jussi-Pekka, 2007, Currency carry trades - betting against the uncovered interest parity.

Meriläinen, Mikko, 2007, Activist hedge funds: A product called alpha?

Mikkonen, Pekka, 2007, In search of optimal capital structure: Applying the Leland model.

Niemelä, Ari-Pekka, 2007, Investment cash flow sensitivity and its relation to asymmetric information and agency costs: Underinvestment or overinvestment? Evidence from Finnish panel data.

Nuutinen, Olli, 2007, Financing hotel real estate project in an emerging economy. Case Estonia in 1990's.

Näränen, Janne, 2007, Outsourcing announcements and market value. Information systems and manufacturing outsourcing contracts.

Pajukka, Antti, 2007, The effects of Helsinki Stock Exchange liquidity providing on liquidity.

Pakarinen, Meri, 2007, Tactical asset allocation using the Black-Litterman model.

Pekkilä, Lauri, 2007, Adjustment towards target capital structures: Evidence from France, Germany, and the UK.

Pitkänen, Olli, 2007, Elements of fraud costs.

Puustinen, Pekka, 2007, Determinants of hedge fund activism and shareholder gains.

Relander, Roope, 2007, Cointegration in the log-linear model of the spot and futures price. Discussion and evidence from the pulp market.

Rusi, Erkki, 2007, Tactical investing in commodity futures.

Savilahti, Emma, 2007, Risk allocation and management in outsourcing of primary health care services. Case of the City of Lahti.

Simula, Tatu, 2007, Relocation of corporate headquarters in Europe.

Soikkeli, Sami, 2007, Stock market reactions to corporate layoff announcements: Evidence from Finland.

Sävelkoski, Matti-Pekka, 2007, Offer price range in Finnish initial public offerings.

Zhu, Ying, 2007, Value drivers of biotechnology companies - Differences between small and large companies.

Tanner, Sami, 2007, Risk management of maritime transportation costs in the pulp and paper industry. Case Stora Enso.

Tevanen, Perttu, 2007, The impact of liquidity providers: Evidence from Helsinki Exchange and Stockholmsbörsen.

Tulikoura, Petteri, 2007, Does speed kill also in a acquisition programs? An empirical analysis of serial acquirer performance in Finland 1990-2005.

Tölli, Pekka, 2007, Profile of a potential user of the integrated M&A advisory model.

Vainio, Teemu, 2007, Corporate divestment characteristics and abnormal returns: Case Finland 2001-2006.

Vesterinen, Mikko, 2007, How to make it halal? Project finance under Islamic jurisdiction.

Vesterinen, Pete, 2007, Competitiveness of Finnish bank managed mutual funds.

Virtanen, Mika Juhana, 2007, Modelling debt capacity based on company credit ratings. Case YIT Group.

Vitiä, Marika, 2007, Does good corporate governance promote risky business? European evidence.

Voutilainen, Kimmo, 2007, Active management in all-equity mutual funds investing in Finland.

Vuorinen, Harri, 2007, Kotitalouksien rahoitusvarallisuus nyt ja tulevaisuudessa.

Weiss, Sanna, 2007, Re-examining tax-loss selling of individual investors at the turn of the year. Evidence from Finalnd 2002-2005.

Willock, John A., 2007, The effect of insider trading on junior natural resource companies. A study of TSX venture exchange listed stocks 2002-2006.

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