Master's theses 2009

Alanko, Elias, 2009, What drives investors’ risk appetite – empirical evidence from private Finnish investors 2007-2008.

Abramov, Vladimir, 2009, Manipulating individuals' risk-taking with financial incentives: a myopic loss aversion experiment.

Alanko, Elias, 2009, What drives investors' risk appetite - Empirical evidence from private Finnish investors 2007-2008.

Hautala, Onni, 2009, Credit, financial crises and the real economy: Could credit-based indicators signal upcoming economic distress?

Hietanen, Ilari, 2009, Dividend yield strategies in Europe 1988-2008. Performance in bull and bear markets.

Huhtakangas, Pasi, 2009, Effect of neglect on stock performance: A transatlantic comparison on sin stocks.

Hurmerinta, Tuomas, 2009, Credit rating changes and long-term stock returns. Evidence from Europe 1990-2005.

Koponen, Anssi, 2009, Underpricing in convertible bond offerings. An empirical analysis of pricing determinants, trends and equity-likeness.

Kukkonen, Viktor, 2009, A study of European mutual funds’ performance persistence and predictability of selected factors.

Lehtonen, Tuomas, 2009, Value creation from corporate divestitures: Evidence from European spin-offs over 1994-2006.

Luotonen, Niilo, 2009, Personal values and stock market participation - Evidence from Finnish university students.

Männistö, Lasse, 2009, The firm-level societal and economic impact of private equity in Finland.

Määttä, Tuomas, 2009, Risk transfer in public private partnerships: A case study form a Finnish municipality.

Pakalén, Niko, 2009, Maximizing shareholder value or management’s prestige? An analysis of takeovers of U.S. firms by cross-listed and cross-delisted European acquirers.

Puro, Lauri, 2009, Performance of forward-looking value drivers in stock screening. Making automated recommendations based on future forecasts.

Pöyhönen, Santtu, 2009, IPO valuation using peer multiples. Evidence of overvaluation from Europe 1990-2008.

Rec, Alma, 2009, Financial integration of stock markets in the selected former Yugoslav countries.

Roikonen, Dennis, 2009, Wealth and liquidity effects of share repurchases. Evidence from Finland 1998-2008.

Saarinen, Martti, 2009, Implied equity yield curve: a consensus estimate approach.

Salovaara, Jussi, 2009, Reference point formation and investor sentiment.

Seppälä, Antti, 2009, Behavioral biases of investment advisors. The effect of overconfidence and hindsight bias.

Tishchenko, Kiril, 2009, Effective defense methods against hostile takeovers and raiders in Russia.

Tuominen, Riikka, 2009, Dynamic hedging of copper options.

Virolainen, Matti, 2009, Macro and micro determinants of seasoned equity offerings and issuer stock market performance.

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