Master's theses 2010

Alestalo, Annika, 2010, Gender effect, family characteristics and firm performance on succession decisions - Evidence from Finnish family firms.

Brandstack, Timo, 2010, Do credit rating announcements matter?

Harju, Tuomo, 2010, Does access to public capital markets and ownership structure affect funding of a firm? Evidence from Finland.

Helin, Lasse, 2010, Norms, catering incentives and nominal share prices: European evidence.

Hörkkö, Marjo, 2010, The determinants of default in consumer credit market.

Joensuu, Markus, 2010, Expiration day effects of the EURO STOXX 50 index futures and options.

Jouhikainen, Hannes, 2010, Examining the association between personality traits and stock market participation - Evidence from Finnish university students.

Kantola, Ville, 2010, Equity characteristics and investor preferences; empirical evidence from Finland and Sweden.

Kotiaho, Henri, 2010, Idiosyncratic risk, financial distress and the cross section of stock returns.

Lehto, Juuso, 2010, Risk tolerance and myopic behavior - evidence from Finnish retail investors.

Martinez, Aleksi, 2010, Does ownership structure affect diversification discount? European evidence.

Molin, Julia, 2009, The relation of fund characteristics and fund family membership to equity funds’ risk-taking behavior - Empirical evidence from the equity fund market in Finland.

Nevalainen, Riku, 2010, The Implications of financial distress.

Niinivaara, Timo, 2010, Role of psychological reference points in mergers and acquisitions: 52-week high as a reference price in European takeover activity.

Partanen, Mika, 2010, Negative linguistic information embedded in earnings conference calls - Evidence from Finland and Sweden.

Perttula, Milla, 2010, Debiasing overconfidence of Finnish investment advisors.

Rantala, Ville, 2010, An analyst-based method for selecting comparable firms and studying corporate peer effects.

Ruutu, Konsta, 2010, Ownership structure and choice of issue method in seasoned equity offerings - European evidence.

Taimisto, Paavo, 2010, Impact of firm's financial policy, investment opportunities, and the cost of external capital on the value of cash.

Tuulos, Eero, 2010, Unique risk characteristics of Islamic financial institutions – Evidence from the 2007-2009 financial crisis.

Tynkkynen, Mikko, 2010, Employee stock option valuation in mergers and acquisitions: Story of lost time values.

Zistler, Martin, 2010, Banking crises; Determinants and crises' impact on fiscal cost and economic output.

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