Finance Brown Bag Seminar

The Finance Brown Bag Lunch Seminar is held on Wednesdays from 12:15 to 13:00 at room H-535.

The Finance Brown Bag Lunch Seminar is organized by Assistant Professor Sean S. Shin. All questions related to the seminar can be addressed to him.

Date Presenter Paper
24.1.2018 Belma Ötztürkkal
(Kadir Has University)
Liquidity Response to Mutual Fund Flows
Thursday 15.3.2018
Note exceptional day!
Michela Altieri
(VU University of Amsterdam)
Corporate Bond Guarantees and The Value of Financial Flexibility
Thursday 22.3.2018
Note exceptional day!
Ludovic Phalippou
(Saïd Business School)
How Alternative Are Alternative Investments? The Case of Private Equity Funds
28.3.2018 Sami Torstila
(Aalto University)
Prolonged Private Equity Holding Periods: Six Years is the New Normal
Thursday 12.4.2018
at 11.30
Note exceptional day and time!
Tarun Chordia
(Emory University)
p-hacking: Evidence from two million trading strategies
25.4.2018 Bünyamin Önal
(Aalto University)
Do Politically Connected Directors Bridge an Information Gap in Investment Decisions? Evidence from China
Monday 30.4.2018
Note exceptional day!
Allaudeen Hameed
(National University of Singapore)
16.5.2018 Mikael Paaso Preliminary work examining the causal relationship between corporate cash holdings and agency problems
Thursday 17.5.2018
at 11.45 in G-112
Note exceptional day, time and classroom!
Theresa Spickers
(Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich)
Stress test: Do investors' stress levels affect trading and prices?
Thursday 7.6. 2018
Note exceptional day!
Renée Adams
(University of New South Wales)

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